Last year aftermath; was it a mountain or a deep valley?

The previous year was a difficult year on over all the world, almost every detail in our life has changed, but the hardest thing of them all -in my opinion- was the Shock.
“What shock?” you may ask me. It’s the shock that affected our pride as humanity and left us scattered, shattered, and shaken.

In the last few hundred years, we have reached an astounding level of advancements. Now, we are building skyscrapers, constructing whole islands in the middle of the sea, genetically modifying our food to suit our needs, generating our energy from nuclear fission and fusion, colonising space, manufacturing electronic circuits on the nano and the quantum level… but despite all of that, this pandemic comes to affect humanity’s ego before its body.
This pandemic surely has exposed our human frailty despite all those advancements and the need for god’s mercy in every step, starting from humanity creation until this moment. It’s celestial law, and god’s will of course.

How was this year for me?

It was a quiet one despite the circumstances, but I got through it with multiple successes on both a professional & personal level.

  • Re-planning & correcting the current track:
    Sometimes, we get busy in our daily life, and that may cause us to forget having a look back in order to perceive and evaluate our current track.
    The dangerous question is; when do we have the look back? it might be so late and several years could’ve passed with no track evaluation & correction.
    Usually, the deviation begins on a small level and gets bigger and bigger, so it’s important to evaluate and correct any shifts now and then. And of course, there is no problem with the existence of these deviations, it’s one of the laws of life, but what should be done is getting them adjusted wisely with minimum losses.

Note: If there is no plan available, we can’t have a track hence no correction. I advise you to have some time off to come up with one as soon as possible.

Fortunately, as a result of the pandemic, I was able to have several months of reading, evaluating, and setting new objectives. As well as obtaining some new intellectual prospects for the upcoming year, hopefully, it’ll be a productive year and full of accomplishments.

  • One more year since co-founding Beetronix: (Facebook)
Beetronix team at the annual meeting – 28 Feb 2020

Beetronix has entered its 7th year, a lot of targets have been reached and there are still more to work on. This day was really a special day in 2020.

  • Passing an emergency challenge for team’s cohesion & strength:
    This year has benchmarked Beetronix’s team against their ability to adapt quickly to emergencies. We’ve passed the lockdown period effectively with gaining new management skills added to our expertise of the past years.
  • Finishing the first tree of ‘Rawas Kalaji’ family: (Twitter)
    One of the projects I’ve worked on this year along with my family members is finishing our first & complete family tree, starting from ~1700s until now. It was a unique project indeed, not just about the idea but also how it was done; young family members worked closely with our elders in order to come with the final draft.
  • Reactivation of my blog and Facebook:
    After the re-planning, I decided to give more time to my blog and my Facebook profile. That being said, my focus was directed toward Twitter in the last two years, I honestly felt it better as it provides better content and more real value for me. But being among my friends and the close circle is also important, so Facebook is going to take some time in the upcoming year, along with Twitter, of course, since it’s still my favourite social network.
    As for my blog (since you are here, you’re welcome by the way!), I’ve always had it on my agenda list, finally, I succeed in activating it this year after a long time of being off-the-grid.
  • The discovery of beautiful Syria; the project continues! (Twitter)
    If things are ok in the summer, we have to continue our discovery of new beautiful places in Syria. I’ve started this project before the current hard times which our dear country is suffering right now, however, we were able to continue exploring this year.

Is this Syria? Yes! I assure you it is. And there are still more amazing places to be explored in our dearest country.
I usually try to spend some time during these tours to think, meditate and continue part of my track planning and evaluation.

  • More scientific good news; the first citation of our autonomous vehicle paper: (Twitter)
    We have launched our first-ever self-driving car in Syria four years ago (you can see the launch video from here), and we are still working on it now. The good news was gaining our first citation of the paper (cited by a PhD thesis about autonomous vehicles in France)
  • More accomplishments:
    I’ve also had the chance to re-organise my private office at home, along with getting a new library and make full cataloguing of all books.
    This year had also more accomplishments, but I listed the most important ones of them.

Thank you for reaching the end (I hope you are not asleep), and now it’s your turn, was your year a mountain or a valley?
I hope your mountains will always be high, also I hope that I’ve given you some thoughts and encouragement… This life has us walking on a long track, hopefully, someday we’ll meet on the same track.

Until that time, wish you all the best.

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