About me

I’m Yaman R.Kalaji, a Computer engineer from the University of Aleppo, Syria.
Former co-founder & Technology Consultant at Beetronix
Currently working on my MSc in Connected Environments at UCL, United Kingdom.


I think we are on a long mission in this life, building and innovating are the primary goals especially for our country’s current condition.
The first step should be creating a solid foundation, which it cannot be done by science alone, but focusing on intellectual fields along with science and team-building is the way to go. So I believe in finding the perfect balance between those three points is what will make us a fully-capable community.

Interests and expertise fields:

I consider myself an inventor & innovator, with a passion to move team momentum toward a common goal. I extremely enjoy entrepreneurship and working with startups.
In the past decade, I’ve founded & worked on several projects in both industry and community and was a tech lead in various domains. My expertise covers; Project Management, Business Process Management and Technology Infrastructure Engineering.
As for the research area; I’m currently working on my MSc, my focus has been directed toward Smart Cities & Autonomous Vehicles after creating the first autonomous vehicle in Syria (Yes, a real self-driving car in Syria, I understand if you’re surprised).
I’m also an instructor and blogger with an enthusiasm for sustainable development, open-source technology and open-access knowledge.

Of course, all of us have a personal side; I enjoy photography, history, as well as social & Islamic studies.

On a side note, what does “R.Kalaji” mean?

Well, that’s right, it’s a two-word last name. “Rawas” comes from ‘leader’, and “Kalaji” comes from ‘citadel’.
It’s the Citadel of Aleppo of course (in the picture), where my ancestors lived between the 14th & 16th century*.
As for the ‘leader’ part, it’s related to their leadership in the carpet industry profession between 16th & 17th centuries.

Thank you very much for your interest, I’ll gladly get in touch with you on Twitter or LinkedIn.
Of course, you may choose other ways to stay in touch from here.

*Based on the research done by our family in 2020.